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About Us

Key Medical Asia is in collaboration with Medi-Care Products in Malaysia, Together, we are focused healthcare field towards through South East Asia. Our mission is: Towards a Vision of Dedicated & Service to the Medical and Healthcare Industry. This is supported by Customer Service Values of: Discipline, Caring Attitude, and Work Smart. Our company started in 1974 and we are a traditional distribution company focused in the medical industry. We have been distributing 3M Healthcare medical products since 1985. More than 33 years. With the increasing trend of digital and Ecommerce, we decided to leverage technology, and be more accessible to our customers. To remain highly compliant, we list only products that are approved for selling online. 

    We represent several world brands in Malaysia. Our strategy is to remain innovative, and provide the best Products and Services to our customers. As we continue our journey of growth, developing a strong team of employees is critical to our success. Malaysia healthcare has increasing demand, and KEYMED is committed to support these needs. 

    We are also compliant with each in-country health regulators. With the support of 3M, this e-store is an example of our investment and efforts. In this store, you can conveniently search and learn about 3M™️ Littmann®️ Stethoscopes. Our geographic coverage is Southeast Asia – Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and East Timor.

We strongly support Healthcare practitioners like yourself. Nursing and Medical Student, Medical Assistant, Medical Houseman, Junior Doctor, Nurse, Staff Nurse, Matron, Senior Doctor, Surgeon, Specialist, Occupational health practitioner, on premise health practitioner, industry on-site practitioner, emergency services, allied health. Or your loved one, whom you want to purchase a 3M™️ Littmann®️ Stethoscope as a special celebration gift.


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We represent the services above for our clients such as hospitals, clinic, medical personnel and etc.

We commit to provide best customer service and share our knowledge, so that your medical job can be superbly achieved, with a great 3M™️ Littmann®️ Stethoscope auscultation diagnostic device. This is our little way of contributing to better, healthier and longer lives. This is our aspiration. Do drop us a note or comment. We want to keep improving. Thank you for taking time to learn about us and our aspirations.

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