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We represent 3M Healthcare division in Malaysia since 1985, and 3M Littmann stethoscopes regional SEA channel partner since 2018 . We stock a full range of 3M Healthcare, Inomed, Medtronic, Sonicmed, Elcon and Keymed products. Our capabilities include Warehouse, Sales and Distribution. These include healthcare products, medical supplies and nursing products.

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The division is fully operating in Hospital environment. We provide full service for our European principal. We are the exclusive distributor Medicrea in Malaysia. For 20 years, we provide Medicrea and complementary solutions fo Orthopedic...


Improving surgical safety and efficacy. We have strong innovative technology platform and high-quality human resources, the company has grown into a research and development, production, marketing and sales integration high-tech enterprises.

Surgical Instruments

Our surgical instruments are marketed through a global network of carefully selected distributors throughout the


Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

Connect Medical Systems (CMS) is a Leading independent British manufacturer of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems. We offer a wide range of products and engineering solutions.

Microscopic disposable scalpels

Ideal for microscopy preparation, education and cutting applications

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