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We are the exclusive distributor for ELCON Surgical instruments in Malaysia.

ELCON is from Tuttlingen, Germany, the well known region for best-in-class medical engineering. Among the about 400 local firms involved in the industry, Elcon Medical Instruments has long since made a name. In Malaysia, we are able to provide ELCON products at Great Quality and Good Value.

As an established, forward-looking company in the cluster region of Tuttlingen, ELCON combine the expertise and the know-how acquired in more than 150 years of development and tradition. No wonder that the “city of healing knives” is known as a global centre in the industry of medical technology.

ELCON product range includes integrated endoscopy with the areas of arthroscopy, laparoscopy, urology and gynaecology in the portfolio. Please contact us for the +20,000 SKUs from ELCON.

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Surgical Instrument

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General Surgical

ENT Surgery


Bone Surgery


Vascular and Thoracic Surgery

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