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Water Resistant

All New Gear Medical Bags are durable and water resistant and can be wiped clean and sanitized without damaging the bag quality or anti-microbial protection. 

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Anti-Microbial First Aid & Small Trauma Back Pack NGM 300

The New Gear Medical Shield - First Aid / Small Trauma BackPack / Jump Bag / Tactical EMS bag is made to be dragged through the worst of environments and still stay anti-microbial. These USA designed small jump bags are made from antimicrobial 1680D ballistic polyester to provide an extra preventative layer of protection.  Trauma, Medic, Tactical bag.

Simply wash it off lightly and it still holds its anti-microbial properties.

This medical gear backpack jump bag is designed to help you with anything from your daily commute to emergency situations, trauma, medic, tactical. 

Big enough to fit everything, small enough to use every day.

Have everything you need neatly packed into easily accessible, individual compartments that are strategically designed for your convenience.

The backpack’s thoughtful design makes it possible to carry all your gear without the bag becoming overly bulky.  It comes with an antimicrobial supply roll, and supply pouch to carry all your necessities.

Our goal is to serve the healthcare community by setting the industry standard with extremely durable medical gear. Our bags are designed with the medical professional on the go in mind. Key product features such as infection control and thoughtful interior design offer high-quality versatile functionality when you need it most.

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