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At New Gear Medical, we understand that as a medical professional, you need a medical bag that you can trust and depend on, so you can focus on your patient. We have practical medical bags for sale that are ideal for anyone working in the medical field. All our bags are manufactured with antimicrobial material, which helps stop the spread of germs.

Our anti-microbial physician medical bags are made for professionals—you can depend on our bags to secure all your medical equipment. They’re convenient for travel nurses and travel physicians on the go.

New Gear Medical bags are the perfect gift for your healthcare hero

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Anti-Microbial Protection

New Gear’s industry leading antimicrobial material resists the growth of bacteria and microbes, creating a barrier. No matter where you place your New Gear Medical bag throughout your shift, rest assured it will stay free of bacteria and microbes. Protecting the ones who protect us.

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NGM 100

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NGM 300

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NGM 900

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